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    A Match made in EC Heaven

    Congratulations to Heather Belanger Sandler '94 and Saul Sandler '94 on seven years of happily wedded bliss and for winning this year's Valentine's Day Story Contest. 

    Heather and Saul's story will be sure to warm your heart:

    Saul and I are both alums of EC, Class of 1994. We met at Elmira our freshman year. I lived on the first floor of Columbia across the hall and next door to two of the girls he dated. We became really great friends after his girlfriend transferred to another school in another state. We always lived one floor from each other and we never thought about dating except for a minute our junior year. During those four years at Elmira we became the best of friends and have a lot of wonderful memories.

    After graduation, we each moved back home and in 1995 I joined the Navy. We lost touch as I spent 10 years in the Navy. When I was almost done with my second contract, we found each other again. After a two hour phone call with him to catch up and a childhood of friend of mine telling me that "I better not let him go again," we started talking daily and emailing.

    He came to visit me in NH when I was on leave and I came to Connecticut to visit him. He waited for me to finish up my contract and when I was discharged from the Navy I moved to Connecticut. On May 28, 2006, we got married and in 2007 and 2011 we grew our family. We have been best friends and known each other for more than half our lives. I was 17 and he was 18 our freshman year. He was my best friend then and still is now.

    Happy Valentine's Day!