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    The purpose of the Elmira College Alumni Association (the Association) is to serve and promote the mutual interests of Elmira College (the College) and its alumni through and in collaboration with the College’s Office of Advancement and the staff member directing Alumni Relations. The goals of the Association shall be:

    (a) To organize, integrate, and support the alumni in an association for the mutual benefit and support of the basic values and goals of the College.
    (b) To engage and foster relationships among alumni, faculty and staff, current students, parents, friends, and others in the College community.
    (c) To develop and support programs and activities that will enhance and benefit the Association and College
    The Board currently has 25 volunteer members, and we actively seek and encourage other alums to join. The Board meets three times a year on Campus (March, June and September), and they are an integral part of Admissions recruitment, Campus events, Alumni Chapters and student engagement. If you have any further questions or would like additional information, please call the Office of Alumni Relations at (607) 735-1855.

    Current Alumni Board Officers and Members

    Executive Committee

    President: Mr. James Joerger ’93
    Vice President: Mr. Daniel "Bo" Manuel ’82, Purple and Gold Golf Tournament Liaison; Vice President, Elmira Alumni Chapter
    Assistant Secretary: Mrs. Ellen Himmelreich, Director of Alumni Relations
    Treasurer: Ms. Laurie Kelechava ’73, Awards, Recognition and Campus Events Committee Member
    Trustee Representative: Mr. Bob Basel ’80, NYC Alumni Chapter Co-President

    Nominations, Budget and Chapter Development Committee

    Mr. Jay Wolkoff ’93, Co-Chair
    Mr. Charles Thorley ’02, Co-Chair; DC Alumni Chapter President; National Annual Fund Co-Chair
    Mr. Kenneth Kriegel ’95, NYC Alumni Chapter Co-President
    Mrs. Pamela Steward Speciale ’75
    Mr. Michael Shippam ’78, Rochester Alumni Chapter President
    Mrs. Lynn Hardman Winner ’73, Elmira Alumni Chapter President
    Mr. Jim Joerger '93, President
    Matt Weber '81
    Dr. Lloyd Cook '79
    Jennifer Repp Sweeney '95
    Christy Boczar Thorley '02
    Susan Allen Thomas '64, President Emeritus

    Communications Committee

    Ms. Kimberly Wenglik Curtis ’83, Chair; National Annual Fund Co-Chair
    Ms. Rushe Hudzinski ’92
    Mr. Karl Koeppel ’07
    Dr. Steven Mednick ’74
    Chuck Snyder '80
    Ms. Maureen Kamen Wise ’66

    Awards, Recognition and Campus Events Committee

    Mrs. Nanette Smith Callihan ’79
    Ms. Laurie Kelechava ’73
    Mr. Daniel "Bo" Manuel ’82, Vice President; Purple and Gold Golf Tournament Liaison; Vice President, Elmira Alumni Chapter
    Mrs. Helen Rock Murdock ’67, National Octagon Fair Chair
    Mrs. Mary Frances Crowley Isherwood ’83
    Mr. James Jiminaro ’78
    Ms. Marlena Seguin '99

    For Further Information, contact:
      Ellen Himmelreich
      Director of Alumni Relations
      Elmira College
      One Park Place
      Elmira, NY 14901
      (607) 735-1855