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  • Planned Giving is a Win-Win Situation for You and Elmira College

    EC Trustee Stayed True to Elmira Area

    The late Joel Robinson said that he always considered himself “an Elmira man.” Born in Sayre, Pennsylvania, Joel moved to Elmira at the age of one. Joel graduated from Elmira High School during the height of the Depression. He was fortunate to have an opportunity to go and study at Columbus University, where he earned his law degree. Afterwards he became a special agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Joel was with the agency for over seven years, during that time he played basketball for the FBI. It was during this time that he met Hazel. They were married in 1942, during the turbulent war years. Joel left the FBI and served in army intelligence during the course of the war. Afterwards Joel started his own lumber company in Elmira, Robinson’s Building Materials, in March of 1957. Together Joel and Hazel have worked tirelessly to serve the local community. From 1970 to 1986 Joel served Elmira College as a member of the Board of Trustees.  Joel and Hazel enjoyed retirement here in Elmira, spending time with their family. They have four children, eight grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. In 2005 Joel and Hazel Robinson established a charitable gift annuity at Elmira College.

    Planned Gift Options

    Charitable Gift Annuity
    Life Insurance
    IRA Rollover- until December 31, 2014
    Charitable Trusts
    How to include Elmira College in your estate plan

    With a carefully thought-out, individualized Planned Gift, you can accomplish all these things:

    - Convert a non-income producing asset into cash
    - Increase your income
    - Benefit Elmira College
    - Generate a Charitable Deduction
    - Avoid Capital Gains Tax
    For example...

    - You would like to create a Planned Gift that will benefit you, your spouse, AND Elmira College
    - You would decide to fund the gift with appreciated assets, like stock or real estate
    - The appreciated assets are used to create a Charitable Gift-Annuity
    - By making the gift this way you can take a partial tax deduction equal to a percentage of the fair market value of the gift
    - The asset can then be sold without capital gains tax consequence for you, the donor
    - The Gift Annuity provides a lifetime income option for you, and for your spouse
    - You can avoid potential estate tax
    - After your lifetime the remainder goes to the College

    The Iris Society

    Elmira College honors those who have established planned gifts through their financial planning by inviting each donor to become a member of The Iris Society.  Members receive an iris pin and are recognized each year in The President's Report.

      For Further Information, contact:
      Peggy Arnesen ’63
      Director of Major Gifts
      Elmira College
      One Park Place
      Elmira, NY 14901
      (607) 735-1893