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    Elmira College strives to keep our alumni connected to the school and to each other. In order to do this, Elmira College has authorized Publishing Concepts (PCI) to launch a project to update contact information for all EC graduates and to create a new alumni directory.

    Starting soon, you will receive e-mails, postcards, and phone calls from PCI requesting that you update your information. We encourage you to respond to these communications. Once PCI has collected the information, the company will compile the data and create a new alumni directory for purchase.

    PCI is a trusted partner of Elmira College. We hope you will participate in our alumni directory project.

    What is the benefit to you?
    We can better help you:
    1. Make valuable social and professional connections with Elmira College alumni.
    2. Stay up to date on everything Elmira.
    3. Learn of spectacular alumni events across the nation, among many other services and programs.

    1. I received an email/postcard/phone call from a company asking for my personal information. They said they were working on a directory for Elmira College. Is this a legitimate project, or is it a scam?

    We have partnered with PCI (also known as Publishing Concepts) to produce our new alumni directory. PCI is a company located in Dallas, TX that publishes directories for educational institutions, fraternities, sororities and military organizations across the nation. This project allows Elmira College to receive important updates to our database so we know more about our alumni and how we can better serve you and future alumni.

    2. How do I know my information will only be used for directory purposes?

    Elmira College has a contractual agreement with PCI that states:
    a. The names, addresses and information provided to PCI by Elmira College for the publication of the Directory will be held confidential by PCI, except to the extent that they are utilized in, or in the preparation of, the Directory and except as required by court order or law.
    b. The Directory will be made available only to alumni of Elmira College. Upon completion of the project, PCI will return to Elmira College any and all electronic files that have been supplied by Elmira College or produced by PCI in connection with the production of the Directory.

    3. I would like to verify and update my information. How may I do this?

    If you have received a postcard or an email with a telephone number, you may call the number to speak with a dedicated representative for the Elmira College project. The representative will verify all the information we have on file for you and make any updates where needed. One of the numbers for the Elmira College alumni is TBD.

    If you have received an email with an embedded link, you may go to the online site to review your information. If you have questions, you may call PCI’s customer service desk at 1.800.395.4724.

    4. Can anyone purchase a directory?

    The Elmira College alumni Directory is available for sale only to Elmira College alumni.

    5. When will I receive my directory?

    The total duration of the directory project is about 12 months. Since we began the project in June of 2014, the directories will be distributed in June of 2015.

    6. I ordered a package containing the Discounted Companion Airline Certificate, but I haven’t received the post card requesting verification of my address.

    For those who purchase a package containing the Discounted Companion Airline Certificate, they will receive a postcard within 2 -3 weeks and will direct them to go to the PCI website to initiate the certificate process by entering their ID # and order # (shown on the postcard) and verify their mailing address. Alternatively, the buyer can call a toll free number (also shown on the postcard) and leave a voicemail to initiate the certificate process.

    After verifying your address you will receive a tri-fold certificate so you can begin to make your travel arrangements.

    • Basics of the certificate program:
    o The Discounted Companion Airline Certificate allows the holder to purchase two round trip tickets for one low price.
    • The Certificate is:
    o Two Tickets for One Low Price
    o 200 US Destinations (continental US)
    o 40 Plus Airline Carriers
    o 24/7 Online Booking
    o 7-Day Advance Purchase
    o Frequent Flier Miles for Both Passengers
    o Low Price Guarantee
    o Fully Transferrable

    7. Can I choose some or all of my information not to be printed in the directory?

    When you call to update your information, you can tell the representative what information you would prefer to have excluded. You may also communicate this information to the PCI customer service desk (1.800.395.4724) or to the Alumni Association.

    8. I ordered a directory/package over the phone and would like to cancel my order. How do I do this?

    Call the PCI customer service help desk at 1.800.395.4724, and they will take care of this for you.