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    Generations of students have shaped Elmira College into the institution it is today. Upon graduation, these students have joined the ranks of alumni by crafting a life built upon the common experiences here at E.C.  We invite you to explore these Alumni Spotlights to discover the exciting lives of your fellow alumni.  

    First Name  Maiden Name 
    Last Name Class Year 
    Adeline Miletti Cusimano 1961 Education
    Alair   Townsend 1962 Sociology
    Alia   Pyros 2010 Economics, Business Administration
    Allison   Shults 2011 Political Science, Biology
    Ajemian 1997 Individualized Studies
     Andrea   Nickerson  2012  History
    Anthony   Cardno  1993 English Literature, Secondary Education
    Taneja 2008 Economics, Accounting, International Studies
     Barbara  Munder  Riordan  1967  Political Science
    Barbara  Fritts Worby 2003
    Brad   Lackey 2005 Business Administration
    Brian   Robertson 2004 Business Administration
    Bruce   Stayments 1985 Criminal Justice
    Cailtin   Crowl 2006 Business Administration
    Chris   Cormier 2010  U.S. History
    Chad   Thorley 2002 Political Science, International Relations
    Chris    Huff-Williams 2006 Biology
      Yockey 1998
    Christy Boczar Thorley 2002 Sociology and Anthropology
    Connie Mitchell Dean 1982 English and Psychology
    Courtney Music Lackey 2006 Speech and Hearing
    Courtney Schwede Duffey 2001 Business Administration
    Courtney   Ellis 2009 Nursing
    Deanna Dimeo Heisserer 2000  History and American Studies
     Debbie   Baerlocher  1996 Speech and Hearing
    Glenys   Flaitz 2009 Business Administration
    Gogi   Phutkaradze 2014 International Studies, Political Science
    Hugo   Saavedra 2004 Business Administration
     Iiona Scully    2011  Psychology
    Jamie   Huntley  2009  Criminal Justice, Human Services
    Jennifer Perkins Faulk 1978 Speech and Hearing
    Jessica Marciano Jackson  2007 Biology
    Jessica  Rudolph    2012  Accounting and business Administration
    Jim   Joerger 1993 Accounting
    Jody   Wheeler 1974 Childhood and Adolescent Art Education
    John   Janikas, M.D. 1996 Pre-Health
    John   Satula  2002 Theatre
    Karen Holleran Parody 1989 Human Services
    Karl   Koeppel 2007 Psychology and Human Services
    Kate LeBoeuf Hood 2007
    Speech and Language Disabilities
    Katie  Moring Moring 2009  Biology 
    Katrina   Uhly 2004 English Literature, Spanish
    Katrina   Fulcher 2007 Speech and Language Disabilities
    Kim Wenglik Curtis 1983 Criminal Justice
    Kyle Martel Krzywicki 2006 Business Administration
    Laura   Bolan 2011 Political Science, Sociology
    Laurie   Kelechava 1973 Education, Social Studies
    Leah Malliris Schlecter 2001 Business Administration
    Lindsay   Baker   2007 Business Administration, Spanish
    Liz   Wakentin 2006 Classical Studies, History
    Mark   Walukevich 1979 Criminal Justice
    Matthew   Keating 2007 Criminal Justice
    Melody   McNeil 1999
    Michael   Drahl 2008 Chemistry, Business Administration
    Michael   Ostrander 2002 Political Science, Education
    Miles   Newsome 1997 Business Administration
    Natasha   Pyzocha 2008 Biology
    Bermudez Paiva 2012
    Economics, Business Administration
    Rebecca Gerth Brady 2002 Biology
    Rebecca   Kingman 2011
    Speech and Hearing
    Roji   Gurung 2011 Nursing
    Russel   Kahmke 2006 Biology, Psychology
    Sandra   King 1974 Business Administration
     Sheila    Williams  1978 Philosophy & Religion
    Shobha  Tharoor Srinivasan 1981 English Literature
     Stephanie    Jackson 2012   Education and Social Studies
    Tara   Vanderweyde 2009 Chemistry
    Thomas    Barnum 2002 Biology