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    The purpose of Alumni Chapters is to serve and promote the mutual interests of Elmira College and its alumni through and in collaboration with the College’s Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations. The Chapters seek to provide opportunities for alumni to connect and network professionally and socially at a variety of events and programs, as well as to advocate and support initiatives of the College set forth by the Board of Trustees. While the missions of individual Chapters may vary, the overarching objectives of the Chapters shall be:

    (a) To develop, organize and integrate programs and activities that will enhance and benefit alumni.
    (b) To promote the College and recruit prospective students.
    (c) To engage and foster relationships among alumni, faculty and staff, current students, and others in the College community.
    Currently, Elmira College has established alumni chapters in Elmira, New York City, DCBoston and Rochester. If you are interested in attending a chapter event or becoming more involved, please email the Chapters directly.


    Elmira Chapter: elmirachapter@elmira.edu

    NYC Chapter: nycchapter@elmira.edu

    Rochester Chapter: rochesterchapter@elmira.edu

    Boston Chapter: bostonchapter@elmira.edu

    DC Chapter:  dcchapter@elmira.edu

      For Further Information, contact:

      Ellen Himmelreich
      Director of Alumni Relations
      Elmira College
      One Park Place
      Elmira, NY 14901
      (607) 735-1855