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  • Anthony Cardno '93

    Corporate Trainer, Author & Interviewer

    “My experiences at Elmira helped hone my writing skills, develop my stage presence, and apply the Secondary Education program to non-traditional classroom settings.”

    After graduating from Elmira College in 1993, Anthony says, “I’ve been lucky to fall into jobs that I’ve loved”. He has utilized his certification in Secondary Education as an environmental educator and, more recently, as a corporate trainer with Lion Technology, Inc., allowing him to travel the country for work. Anthony also indulges in his true passion for writing by working as an author and interviewer.

    Anthony’s accomplishments in the world of literature include being published in a number of genre anthologies, featuring interviews of creative minds and personalities to his website, and editing and publishing a short story anthology entitled The Many Tortures of Anthony Cardno. The creative minds that collaborated to compile this collection of stories all donated their work, and the proceeds will go towards the American Cancer Society, an organization of great importance to Anthony as a cancer survivor.

    Participating in clubs and activities on campus such as EC’s radio station WECW, the Octagon student newspaper, Elmira College theater productions, and multiple leadership positions helped to further sculpt Anthony’s confident presence as a write and educator. For future EC students and graduates, Anthony suggests, “find a way to do what you love, and know when it’s time to walk away and do something else”.

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